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Arcade is still fun to play nowadays, even more with such interesting ideas!

Thank you !! :)


All hail the cute flying jellyfish army! ┌ ° ° ┐

Excellent job, the sound and music design is especially good. !

Thank you so much! 

PS: no jellyfish has been hurt during the creation process ! ;)


Cool little game ! :) 

I really love things being done with PICO-8 !

Thanks !

Yeah Lexaloffle made a real gem while giving birth to their fantasy console. ^^


Nice concept~ I've always wanted to be the bad guy 😈   


Yeah sometimes playing as the dark side is a more interesting experience! ;)


Pretty fun once you figure out everything! Made some suggestions toward the end of the video, hope you enjoy! 


Nice score for a first try! ;)

Great video!

Thanks for your comments, about different palette colors,
and adding diversity (yes it's in Galaga or Galaxian, not in original space invaders but thank you anyway!)

Thanks a lot for your shout out about my other games as well!

Keep up! :)


PS: Sorry for Jerry. 😔


Made a video 


Wow! Thanks for your time! Glad you liked it!

Maybe it will be a little easier if you save a little energy (that is, if don't mash the fire button!) :)


The basic idea is good!

I found the AI a bit too smart - there is no difficulty ramp up as far as I can tell.

Note that you used an old version of Pico 8 - recent 0.2 version has a much better web export.

Thanks! I tried to adapt the difficulty but sometimes it's too easy or too hard... I'll try to find a workaround.

Thanks for the tip about Pico 8 export!


this is a really fun idea

Thank you!