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ImgFire FX (Image-To-Fire-Effect) is an image utility to add fire effects to your images easily.

Just like this:
This is Fine burning animation dog cartoon

The fire effect added will transform your still image into an animated GIF with some options like
- color palette or gradient,
- smoke density (having an impact on how quick the fire will spread),
- sparks or particles addition
... and the first frames of the animation are merged with the last frames, to loop even more smoothly!

Hot conversion examples

3% of spark particles. Option: -ap3
halloween pumpkin jack-o-lantern 1 animated pumpkin on fire halloween jack-o-lantern GIF conversion result

5% of spark particles, 35 frames. Option: -ap5 -repeat35
Elmo on fire meme Converted Elmo on fire into Fire effect Animated GIF Burning

Different Fire spread models: based on colors VS based on contours
-mode0 (based on overall color) VS -mode1 (based on contours)
young man and woman near bonfire looking at sea animated boy and girl near burning bonfire, looking at sea GIF conversion result mode0 animated boy and girl near burning bonfire, looking at sea GIF conversion result mode1
Mode 0 (based on colors) usually works best with texts or high contrast images.
Text example Text (result mode0) (based on overall color) Text (result mode1) (based on contour)

With icy blue colors. Option: -ice
Big eyed lizard blue color fire effect lizard
With different density of “smoke”, option: -smoke60 or -smoke20 or -smoke0
hot speading fire lizard (smoke 60) very hot speading fire lizard (smoke 20) hottest fire on lizard (smoke 0)

Fire effects on person pictures

This person does not exist (1) Fire effect on person 1 Animated GIF pixelated simulation water palette

This person does not exist (2) Fire effect on person 2 Animated GIF simulation Magnesium blue fire palette

Glitch image progressing

small cat
Option: "fading" -an0 -ap0
or "fading" + palette rotation / color cycling -an0 -cycle
or "normal" + green Copper Sulfate palette -p5
or heavy glitch, palette overrun -over -mode0
fading result small cat fading + color cycling result small cat normal result small cat green Copper Sulfate fire palette heavy glitch, palette overrun result small cat mode 0

How to convert images and add fire effects

It’s a command-line tool which makes it possible to process your images in batch, using a batch file for example.

For example, type:     ImgFile "D:\My folder\MyPhoto.jpg"
You will get the resulting GIF file in the same folder, or in a dedicated folder if you prefer.

ImgFire supports JPG, PNG, BMP, PCX, LBM, TGA image formats.

disaster girl burning animation

Credits - Images

- Halloween pumpkin 1 jack-o-lantern photo by Beth Teutschmann unsplash.com/@teutschmann
- Halloween pumpkin 2 jack-o-lantern photo by Taylor Foss unsplash.com/@taylorfoss
- Lizard photo by Keith Markilie unsplash.com/@rhino007
- This person does not exist (1) thispersondoesnotexist.com
- This person does not exist (2) thispersondoesnotexist.com
- Cat : thiscatdoesnotexist.com
- Woman playing guitar near bonfire photo by Elisey Vavulin unsplash.com/@elsloude
- young man and woman near bonfire looking at sea photo by Manuel-Meurisse unsplash.com/@manuelmeurisse
- Man looking at fire photo by Adam Wilson unsplash.com/@fourcolourblack
- Man looking at computer photo by Awmleer unsplash.com/@awmleer

Updated 10 days ago
Release date 97 days ago
Made withAllegro
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Generator, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksOfficial website


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49% Off
$1.99 $1.01 USD or more

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Version 1.065

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Looks interesting. Wanted to buy, but couldn't, because neither Paypal nor cards support purchases costing less than one dollar.

Hey thanks for your message. Glad you find it interesting! A solution would be to add a little tip, so that your final payment is exactly $1,00. I can pay you the difference (minus fees) by PayPal (on the PayPal account provided during checkout...)

(2 edits) (+1)

Bought it anyway - upped price to just over a dollar. No need for a refund -- just use some common cents...

btw, is there a list of command-line parameters?

nvm, just seen the extracted files


Yes, there's a help file with all the current options / command line arguments. This same info can be found by typing the option -?