The way you fight boss will determine how it will evolve and improve itself during the next encounter loop.

Eliminate red aliens to gain fire upgrades or different weapons... but doing so, these small enemies will be tougher to kill.

Which strategy will be the best?

   Z or X  =  Bleep Fire     (hold to auto shoot)
   ⬆⬇⬅➡  =  Move

From a learning perspective

In this pico-8 source code you will find examples of:
- Cartridge data management : save/load scores and stats (dset/dget)
- Direct access to sprite/video memory : dynamically alter graphics when an enemy is hit (peek/poke/memcpy)
- Big sprite partially stretched (during title or game over screen)


Gameplay video here :

- Inspired by the game Warning Forever -

Other references:
- Galaxian 
- Gradius (for "Option" powerups)

Published 15 days ago
Made withPICO-8
Tagsevolve, PICO-8, Space
Average sessionA few minutes


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That got craaaazy. Wow so many upgrades and bullets and OPTIONS FTW!


Made  a video


Thanks a lot for making this let's play video, and sorry for your arms and fingers! :p  ...And congrats for your 78k score till sector 15! Glad you enjoyed :)

I made it to level 6!!! Cool game. I just miss a bit of music but the blips and blops make the job ;)


Ton jeux est vraiment très très bien il m'a rappelée mon enfance quand je jouais a SpaceInvaders , Galaxian ou autre jeux du même type c'est vraiment énorme BRAVO


I took it upon myself to beat this game. I didn't beat it. But I did probably do better than anyone else who will ever play this game. As long as they don't get past level 7. 

Woah! :) Thanks for playing and for making this video!

Just a small tip if you want other boss parts arrangement: Try to destroy the wings first. The wings should grow if you do so (instead of the front).

ah you got a higher score than me i only got to 20k at level 9


Very enjoyable shmup to play! It's very classic in style, but has some unusual things, like the sounds effects which sound a bit different somehow. Nice amount of different upgrades to the cannon.

If you'd be interested, we'd like to see this game in our annual contest, the Game Development World Championship!